We at Jain Tools has identified 5 core values and incepted these in its day to day working:

Customer is Supreme
  • We understand and anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.
  • We aggressively pursue new business, determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity, determination and a positive approach to every task with a “Can-do” spirit.
  • We always think “How can we satisfy our customer”
  • Our quality management system ensures strict control at every process from receipt of the order until it’s dispatched to you.
  • We have always believe in the quality concept “Getting it right for the first time – every time “.
Creativity & Innovation
  • We demonstrate our capability by innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management and the application of the best practices in our organization.
  • We utilize our ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every opportunity and every new challenge.
Respect for Individual
  • We have a strong belief that our employees are the most valuable assets of our company, and their essential participation with a shared responsibility is fulfilling our mission.
  • We encourage and inspire learning amongst our people.
  • We treat all people with dignity and courtesy.
Respect for Work - Place Ethics
  • We work in team with passion, integrity, conviction and commitment.
  • We respect and adhere to company policies, systems and procedures.
  • We are well informed and respect the rules and regulations and compliance issues that apply to our business.
  • We respect the values and cultures of the communities in which we operate.